[+] Screenshots Electrofans.com
Online community, web portal, and search engine for electronic music fans

[PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, XML, multiple API, responsive design].

"Four Qualities of Happiness"
Originally designed WordPress theme

[WordPress, PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, responsive design].

[+] Screenshots Cloud4Wi
Free guest WIFI / analytics platform

[PHP/MySQL, CakePHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, Less.js, Google Charts/Maps].

[+] Screenshots Embee Mobile
Virtual currency / redemption crowdsourcing application

[PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Facebook API].

[+] Screenshot Gap Casting Call
Member of lead development team that created consumer-facing web application site allowing users to submit and vote on photos of children wearing babyGap/GapKids clothing

[HTML, CSS, Javascript, .jsp]

[+] Screenshots Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Webmaster for the National Accounts Marketing & Sales departmental intranet site

[HTML, CSS, JavaScript]

Korean pop music, drama, and fashion online shop, news, and reviews (mirror version of site)

[HTML, CSS, Photoshop]

Japanese entertainment Web site featuring online shopping, news, interactive discussions, and links related to Japanese pop music, animation, and games

[customized Wordpress theme]

Walton Road Garage
Upgraded previous edition of website to current version of WordPress for Walton Road Garage, a UK body shop & car/motorcycle dealer. Re-configured and edited NEXTGen image gallery plug-in. Added/customized Newsletter plug-in, Contact Form, and other site aspects/functionality.

[customized Wordpress theme]

Added "recent posts" plugin, customized widget arrangement.

[customized Wordpress theme]

Wendy Clouse Paintings
Customized Wordpress theme for UK artist Wendy Clouse to showcase over 130 of her paintings in a lightbox-style gallery format.

[customized Wordpress theme]

Afro Barometer
Performed complete adaptation of previous outdated site to site format using Dreamweaver template and conversion of old placeholder images and text-images to all text/CSS format. Re-designed News & Updates page to improve legibility.


Website for engineering consulting group.

[HTML, CSS, Photoshop]

University Surplus Property Association - Michigan State University
Re-designed Web site and graphics to advertise a nation-wide annual conference co-hosted by Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.

[HTML, CSS, Photoshop]