[+] Screenshots
User reviews of favorite San Francisco locations, mapped by category (mirror version of site).

[Google Maps API, JavaScript, PHP, XML/Ajax]

[+] Screenshots "Send a Sweet Treat on Facebook"
Gift-sending application that allows users to send a virtual 'sweet treat' (cakes, cookies, ice cream, pies, fruit, etc) to their friends on Facebook

[PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Facebook API]

[+] Screenshots Aggrenote - "A Social Notepad for Groups"
Proof-of-concept web app allowing users to sign in via Twitter, and take/share notes during live events.

[HTML, CSS, PHP, Twitter OAuth]

[+] Screenshot SoundCloud API: Search for Tracks by Tags
Outputs all music tracks for a given tag, using the SoundCloud API (with optional search string).

[PHP, SoundCloud API]

[+] Screenshot "My Madden Box Scores"
Facebook app allowing user to record and retrieve game stats for the Madden football video game.

[PHP, MySQL, JavaScript]

Social Media Data Tracker / Aggregator
(mirror site of work done for client)

[JavaScript, Twitter/Google Search API, API, PHP, jQuery UI]

"Let's Ask 8-Ball"
Facebook app that allows users to ask a question and receive a randomly-generated answer.

[PHP, JavaScript]