About Me

Since moving here to San Francisco from Michigan in 2010, I feel very fortunate to have worked with and met some of the most amazingly driven, intelligent, and hard-working people I have ever encountered, folks who are truly setting the stage by defining the next wave of cutting-edge. Their ability to achieve outstanding things, often with very limited bandwidth and resources, has taught and inspired me enormously; it's been a fantastic experience for me to have been a part of so far....

My introduction to computer programming began when I was 13 and wrote my first "app": a quiz used to test myself on various noun declensions and vocabulary for Latin class using input statements in the BASIC programming language on the Commodore 64 (yes, that veritable relic of computer evolution....) Incidentally, it was using the SID ("Sound Interface Device") chip on that same computer that I also began to learn about synthesizer sounds and how to actually play and make music as well. From a young age I have been passionate about music & languages (programming as well as human, having studied Latin, French and Japanese for some time).

In the mid '90s while a student at Michigan State University, I formed an international virtual exchange group using Telnet and group email messages. The group consisted of members from the US, France, Italy, and the UK sharing a love for music from artists such as Peter Gabriel (I actually wound up meeting and staying with one of the main members and his family in France: a Hewlett-Packard engineer / bass player from Paris - vraiment incroyable).

Since then, after studying HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP extensively, I've worked with companies large and small of many different industry types - startups, individual clients/businesses, Internet as well as intranet capacities. I have a good deal of experience with online community technology development, marketing, and social media, in addition to teaching and supervisory experience.

My hobbies include: photography, music, art & design, Eastern philosophy, and the beach.