Kevin Pajak

San Francisco, CA · kevin@kevinpajak.com

Broadly experienced, highly versatile web developer


Web Developer

Treasure Data

Key member of extremely lean, agile web team. Responsible for maintaining and updating all aspects of multiple company websites, new feature implementations, bug fixes, and more. Primary point of contact / company liaison with third-party app vendors. Interface regularly with members of marketing & web team to establish requirements and evaluate progress on projects.

Major focus on:

  • UI/UX
  • performance / website optimization
  • security
  • privacy concerns and regulation compliance
  • localization of content into additional, non-English languages
  • general web development best practices

WordPress/PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

2022 - 2023

Web Developer

NMR Events

Customized client event sites (including many intricate CSS & JS DOM manipulations) as part of completely remote team.

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/Vue.js, Eventfinity (event management platform)

2020 - 2022

Web Developer


Implemented several detailed WordPress design and functionality customizations as sole member of client company's web dev team.

2018 - 2020

Lead Web Developer


Blog and web portal for electronic music fans Highly customized WordPress theme for current version of site.

Developed complete front-to-back end, integrated web platform (electrofans.com/oldsite) that includes: content management system (data entry, editing, and publishing), online community (user profile creation, customizable playlists, messaging and instant notifications, extensible asynchronous posting and commenting system), multi-category internal search engine, inclusion of data from several different API sources, and internal analytics reporting. Responsive design.

PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, XML, CSS, multiple API

2016 - 2018

Senior Web Developer


Customizable free guest WIFI/analytics platform for clients and customers.

Led a major responsive UI re-design & re-structuring of control panel, involving both front and back-end. Handled essential integration of code (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP) from other developers into CakePHP-based application.

PHP/MySQL, CakePHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, Less.js, Google Charts/Maps, Oracle VirtualBox, CentOS (Linux), Ubuntu

2015 - 2016

Software Engineer

Embee Mobile

Facebook application-based, virtual currency/redemption platform.

#3 technical person in company (liaison between CTO and QA team). Handled issues such as: region- and phone carrier-specific requirements (international phone number validation, integration of Spanish and Thai-language branches of the application), "Birthday Bonus" feature awarded to Facebook app users on their birthday, and many others. Edited and updated corporate website. Developed and enhanced several MVC application features and admin tools, resolved bugs, wrote database queries, dealt with security and user fraud-related issues. Maintained rigorous adherence to coding standards, testing/test-case writing, and bug reporting.

PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, Facebook API, HTML5, CSS

2010 - 2013


Lansing Community College

Information Technology - Web Development Track

HTML/JavaScript/CSS, Java, Photoshop, Visual Basic, Oracle database systems

Springboard Program

Aquent Partners - Boston, MA

Intensive Web development course (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI, DHTML)


Programming Languages & Techniques
  • Wordpress
  • JavaScript
  • HTML 5/CSS 3
  • Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging

  • Collab Tools
    • Asana
    • Slack
    • Teams
    • GitHub
    • Subversion
    • Dropbox


    Photography, music, the arts, hiking, beaches, films, Eastern philosophy.


    • UI/UX-centered development approach
    • Unique hybrid web apps
    • Heavy responsive/mobile-friendly design
    • Meticulous eye for detail
    • Broad array of web development skills & experience
    • Have worked with several different client types (ranging from small startups to large companies)
    • Developer as well as designer
    • Efficient self-starter with excellent communications skills.


    • Treasure Data

      Implemented several customizations to website's WordPress theme(s)

      Integrations page
      Created an elegant, efficient system to display custom modal information for company's software integrations (WordPress/WooCommerce + PHP & JavaScript)

    • Electrofans.com

      WordPress-driven web portal site, highly customized back as well as front-end

      Music Store
      Proprietary music store (customized WordPress plugin, extended for sitewide shopping cart support)

    • "Four Qualities of Happiness"

      Built-from-scratch, original minimalist WordPress theme (converted from HTML pages)

    • API integration
    • SF to Share

      Location-based review-sharing app (proof-of-concept)
      - Google Maps API
      - JavaScript
      - PHP/MySQL

    • Concert Tracker

      Displays feed of upcoming concerts for select EDM artists.
      - Ticketmaster API
      - PHP
      - Responsive design

    • JavaScript/HTML5
    • Audio player

      Built-from-scratch Music Sampler.
      - HTML 5
      - JavaScript
      - Responsive design

    • Global Network Map

      Interactive map of company's global partners.
      - Customized amCharts API
      - JavaScript
      - Responsive design

    • PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/XML
    • Electrofans.com (previous version)

      Complete front-to-back end, integrated web platform that includes:
      - content management system (data entry, editing, and publishing),
      - online community (user profile creation, customizable playlists, messaging and instant notifications, extensible asynchronous posting and commenting system),
      - multi-category internal search engine
      - inclusion of data from several different API sources
      - internal analytics reporting
      - responsive design


    Nikolay Belitchenov (Director, Creative and Web - Treasure Data)

    Kevin is a solid developer who onboarded quickly and was shipping important website improvements within the matter of weeks. Kevin is a great communicator who takes the time to understand a problem and can formulate elegant code solutions. He’s great at maintaining ongoing progress reports and is always available to answer any of his business partners’ questions. Kevin brings all the qualities to be an outstanding team player.

    Renat Gersch (Marketing Manager - Treasure Data)

    I've had the pleasure of working with Kevin on a variety of web projects where we were up against a tight deadline. Despite the pressure, Kevin remained professional, focused and dedicated to complete all the tasks. He worked long hours, putting in extra effort to ensure that everything was completed on schedule. Kevin is easy to work with, he is always friendly, patient and willing to collaborate.

    Chermen Dzebisov (QA Engineer - Embee Mobile)

    Kevin was a senior developer at Embee Mobile. It was a great pleasure working with him in the team. He was a go to person for me and for other team members. I have learned a lot from him and I am very grateful for that. I would definitely recommend him. He is a perfect fit for any team.

    Thomas Jay (Java / MongoDB Lead Developer - Gap)

    I brought Kevin in on a very large, high profile project for a major client. He was expected to hit the ground running, help in design, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He exceeded my expectations. He took the lead on the front end components and worked side by side with other developers in a very Extreme / Agile environment.

    Fast learner, good understanding of web technology, provided critical components for finished product.

    I highly recommend Kevin, I would enjoy working with him again.

    Winnie Storey (Creative Visual Designer)

    Kevin has a great sense of programming, he knows the best solution to the problems involved. We had a great time building a Facebook application together and even though we were doing it over the phone and chat, he seemed like he was a great communicator that always knew what he was doing. I highly recommend Kevin if you want a great solution for your programming projects.

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